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Porto School Hotel invests in a model of sustained and quality training.

It is integrated into the Polytechnic of Porto, which is considered to be an important research, development and innovation centre. Porto School Hotel meets the strict requirements of quality and ensures the adequacy of the curriculum to the needs of the market. 

The model of Porto School Hotel has as primary concern employability and, therefore, the learning process occurs in integrated and close coordination in Douro Valley Hotel & SPA, based on active and innovative methodologies. We highlight the internship, in the fourth and last semester of the course, as a unique opportunity of acquired skills application and development and integration in the real labour market. The team of Porto School Hotel has designed a training plan which will prepare you for the national and international challenges. 

Porto School Hotel Coordinator:

Elga Costa

T. +351 962 384 745

Porto School Hotel is an extension of ESHT (Superior School of Hospitality and Tourism) of the Polytechnic Institute of Oporto

ESHT Email:

T. +351 252 291 700

Porto School Hotel is located at Douro Royal Valley, Hotel & SPA, a 5 Stars hotel, as a result of a strategic partnership aiming the most innovative and demanding training environment.  


Porto School Hotel Advisory Board:

[to be defined]


Students' Life at Porto School Hotel

When you choose the Porto School Hotel, you choose not only a school and specialised training… but you also choose a new lifestyle!

During your training, you will be involved in a new reality which will provide you multiple learning but will also be transformed by your presence. At the Porto School Hotel, there are four types of extracurricular activities which will occupy your daily life significantly, besides contributing for the improvement of your school performance.

Social programme/activities

Local voluntary work programme – cooperation for the local development through voluntary service in local public or private entities.

Cultural programme/activities

Considering the students’ interests, there will be culture-related activities in the areas of Photography, Music, Ethnography and other areas of artistic expression.

Sports programme/activities

“Healthy mind, healthy body!” At the Porto School Hotel, physical activity is not forgotten. Sport is a part of everyone’s life. Therefore, we take advantage of the leisure activities that the Douro river has to offer as well as the local and/or school facilities – Tennis, Gym, Water sports, Trekking...

Educational programme

The students of Porto School Hotel will regularly have the opportunity to take part in field trips mainly in the Douro region, Oporto and the North. They are part of the active learning process.
The workshops, seminars, informal get-togethers for sharing experiences and providing learning opportunities will be constant. Perhaps you will have the chance to meet the person you most admire and more importantly learn from her/him!
The students will also be in charge of the open day in Porto School Hotel – open day for the community - as well as the organisation of diverse events which intend to combine entertainment with the learning process.

Despite the busy and frenetic life at the Porto School Hotel, you will have the opportunity to enjoy everything that the Douro region has to offer!