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About us

Portugal knows how to welcome! ….A vibrant country bathed by the marvellous Atlantic Ocean, which combines Heritage, History, Culture, Gastronomy, natural beauty and people who make one feel at home. It’s a country full of experiences!
The North of Portugal allows us to discover and enjoy the most genuine part this country has to offer. Oporto and the Douro region amaze us with their unique characteristics and make the visitors wish to come back. In 2012 and 2014, Porto was elected the “best European destination” by the European Consumers Choice, preserving its soul and identity. Douro, house of Porto School Hotel, enriches the experience of those who visit the North. The Region, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 2001, is marked by the uniqueness of its vineyards, its wine and its people!
The Porto School Hotel, surrounded by History, Culture and Traditions, is an opportunity to combine past, present and future. It is integrated into the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, the biggest in Portugal, with around 18 000 students, entitling itself as an important R&D and Innovation center in diverse areas. It invests into the creation of synergies which provide quality and differentiation of training.